Extracting Pigments from Rocks and Plants

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Saturday 12 May

Learn how to create your own natural paints!

The earth is the source of the pigments used in the great paintings of the past: extracting pigments and making them into paint was a part of any artist's practice This workshop will introduce you to this traditional skill, transforming rocks (a local stone and a semi-precious rock such as Chrysocolla) and plants (Persian berry or Madder) into beautiful watercolour, tempera and oil paint.


This course will run from 10am to 4pm.

Students attending the course should comfortable clothes, including closed toe shoes. All tools and materials will be provided. Suitable for ages 16 +

Tutor: Toni Watts

Toni is one of the few remaining professional illuminators in the UK. She is also one of a handful of people who teach this traditional skill, running workshops and lecturing both at home and abroad. She currently works as Lincoln Cathedral's manuscript illuminator producing new work in conjunction with the Cathedral's medieval library.