Blacksmithing takes its name from the principle metal that blacksmiths work with - iron; which at one time was known as "black metal". It is one of our oldest traditional crafts and one of the most recognisable. It is often sited as starting around the year 1500BC, as this is around the time when man began to make tools from iron. The craft has been practiced continually since with the core techniques changing little over the years. In addition to iron modern blacksmiths also work with steel. The process of working with these metals into finished pieces is called forging, and often involves many steps once the metal is heated enough to be malleable to shape to form a finished piece. There are a good number of practicing blacksmiths today and they produce a wide variety of work, from art installations, railings, tools, and smaller objects or ornaments to name a few. 

We currently run workshops with Ryan who has been forging for over 15 years and involved with the Centre since we opened. You'll find details of some of the workshops we've run with him below.