Course Spotlight: Silversmithing!


Explore the craft of silversmithing!

Most months we are running a one day Silversmithing workshop focusing on jewellery making. On the day you will learn the techniques to produce your own piece of jewellery from a range of metals. Participants will explore basic jewellery making techniques, giving them the confidence to make their own jewellery. Plenty of material will be available to provide inspiration and those less design minded could easily spend a day building a library of different test pieces. Returning or more experienced participants can expand and improve the techniques that they have gained from previous experiences knowing should they have a query assistance will be at hand.

£60 or why not book through one of our silversmithing bundles and sneak a discount on this and your next silversmithing workshop

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This course is suitable for beginners and experienced students age 16 +.  The basic materials, copper and aluminium will be supplied.  Silver and Gold can be purchased from the tutor.

Tutor: Andrew Poole

Andrew’s lifelong interest in jewellery and silversmithing was inspired by the designs from antique silverware and gold metal ware. He started studying jewellery and silversmithing at the Grimsby Institute twelve years ago and he has taught adults the techniques of jewellery making. He is also a designer, producing a range of jewellery, and commissions.