The Greatest Fool! A Grand Tournament of Twittery

Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 July

The Greatest Fool! A Grand Tournament of Twittery
Join us for a Grand Tournament of Twittery as we welcome our four jesters for an entire weekend of non-stop mayhem and merriment!  

Sat 25th & Sun 26th July
10am – 5pm

"Be it known that, by order of the Castle's most esteemed Constable, there shall be enacted a contest in which four fools, led by a fifth, shall compete for the title of the 'Greatest Fool of Lincoln.' By the volume of your acclaim may the winner be made known”

Peterkin the Fool:  Who ‘Hath not so much Brains, as Earwax'. Breathtakingly Incompetent and Seriously Silly!
Polly Glotty:  Balmy and Bendy, a Body as Supple as Soup, but her bow and arrow will Chill you to the Marrow!
TomFool:  Prancing, Punning and Parrying, - Dunderheaded Dimwittery at its Very Best!
What a Palaver:  Determined to Amaze Astound and Astonish - Fun is too Short a Word for it!

All held in check by the Inestimably Inane Sir James MacBatty-MacLaren, Master of Mirth!

Tickets:  Castle day ticket, Annual pass holders