Heritage Week: Specialist Guided Tours of Lincoln Castle

Sunday 22 September

Heritage Week: Specialist Guided Tours of Lincoln Castle
Join us on selected days this week to discover more about the history behind the castle's heritage and origin.

Sunday 22nd September

Brought to you by the Friends of Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle in the First 30 Years of the Life of Victoria
Guide – Paul Scott
This topic was selected to be in keeping of the ‘Victoriana” Castle theme this year.The tour of the Bailey will be descriptive and attempt to outline what the Castle was like in 1819, the year of Victorias’ birth, some of the buildings erected in the first 30 years of her life and some of the people involved in the Castles’ development during that period.

Lincoln Castle in the 20th Century
Guide – Malcolm Ross
2.00pmBailey tour outlining events and things that happened in the Castle in the 20th Century.

These tours start at the meeting model of the Castle at the Eastgate entrance to the castle.
Admission: Free