HES Update November 2019

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This last month we held our official HES trainee induction where we brought all the new trainees together for a chance to network and discuss what they have been working on so far. They enjoyed a walk of Lincoln Castle's walls and then were joined by our remaining trainees from Heritage Lincolnshire and Lincoln Cathedral for an informative floor tour of the Cathedral and then a behind the scenes glance of the Works Department

They also had the chance to learn about stone carving on an introductory course at the Heritage Skills Centre. The trainees are all specialising in different skills but it is always a good idea to learn about other crafts that support the historic environment. 

We hope all of our new trainees continue to enjoy the learning opportunities provided by being part of the HES project. If you are interested in being involved and would like to learn more ready for next year, do get in touch!

In early November, we took part in Construction Week at New College Stamford, allowing students to have a go at a bit of letter carving, arch building and learning about the history of architecture. The event is run by the South Lincolnshire Group Training Association and we had a fantastic time promoting careers in built heritage to students from across Lincolnshire. 

South Lincolnshire Construction Week