Key Stage One


Use all your senses to get a real castle experience you will never forget. Be a knight in training, a queen eating at a royal feast or explore the castle as a young scientist.

My Castle Home

What was it like living in a castle long ago?  Find out about real people who lived here at Lincoln Castle like Lady Nicola and William the Knight

This workshop helps young children to imagine what it was like to live in a castle. What did knights do after fighting off dragons? – Celebrate! What did people eat? What games did they play? How did they dress? What did it sound like? Includes a mini 'banquet' with real foods, dressing up, music  & dance, handling armour and other related objects, plus an outside tour of the castle with 'smells & sounds' pack. Children can make a Jesters doll to take home

Pre visit ideas: Introduce Lincoln Castle through images on the website. Talk about the roles of a lord and lady.  Talk about celebrations and parties and introduce the word 'banquet'

Post visit ideas: Create a model of Lincoln Castle using junk materials. Get the children to invent and make 3D characters for Castle stories

National Curriculum Links: History. Find out about the Past: significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.

Young Science Explorers

Use the castle as an exciting focus for everyday materials and forces. Pupils can enjoy handling real and replica objects and make crafts whilst learning about science and local history.

Young scientists can find out what a castle is made of, how heavy a knight's armour might be and how fast an arrow fires. Investigation through real and replica object handling. Includes a craft to take back to school

Pre-visit ideas: Look at images on Lincoln Castle website. Find out more about medieval armour and weaponry in books or online

Post-visit ideas: Produce a chart of your findings of the visit.

National Curriculum Links: History: significant historical events, people and places in their own locality. Science: Everyday materials and forces.

Or combine both for an all-day immersive castles workshop:

Castle Wow Day

  • Real castle tour
  • Knight training
  • Replica armour
  • Banquet
  • Shield making

Activities and times are totally flexible to suit your needs. Please talk to a member of the Learning Team for more details 01522 555904, 555490, 552435 or email