Key Stage Two


Examine 2000 years of history through a range of immersive activities. March like a Roman soldier from the fortress AD60. Act out the drama of King John and the Magna Carta. Uncover the archaeological secrets found here at the castle or find out about crime & punishment and try out the dark cell in the Victorian Prison.Roman Invaders meet the Celts!


Roman Fortress

am or pm

Find out more about military life 2000 years ago. Take a Roman themed tour of the castle walls. Learn Latin whilst testing out real Roman armour and weaponry. Learn battle formations and take part in a Celts/Romans battle re-enactment.

Roman City

am or pm

The Romans built the first city of Lincoln. Find out more about Roman life through real archaeology, a Roman themed tour and a real Roman feast

Romans WOW day

Suggested all-day workshop plan:

  • On a Roman wax tablet image (shown as a timetable):
  • Roman themed castle tour and
  • Armour and weaponry object handling
  • Archaeology: dig and display
  • Romans /Celts battle re-enactment
  • Real Roman feast (one class only) or Craft

Pre visit ideas: Find out when and why the Romans came to Britain and what life was like in the army. Find out about the Celtic Corieltauvi tribe.

Post visit ideas: Create a drama based on your visit. Write a day diary as if you are a Celt or Roman.

National Curriculum links: History: Romans: the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain and: British resistance, for example, Boudica.

Magna Carta

King John Drama

am or pm

Pupils will remember Magna Carta when they take part in our exciting King John Drama and then put him on trial - there are two versions for either years 3&4 or 5&6. Make a visual timeline to take away. Includes a visit to the vault and cinematic films.

Magna Carta WOW day

Suggested all-day workshop plan:

  • Magna Carta Vault visit
  • Visual timeline art or,
  • Make a document with 'parchment' and real wax seal
  • King John drama
  • Battle of Lincoln re-enactment

Pre visit ideas: Find out about Magna Carta on the website. Research into children's charters and look up the definition of a charter.

Post visit ideas: Write a Children's Charter for your class. Have a go at writing in Medieval Latin.

National Curriculum Links: History: A study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality. PSHE: to understand that everyone has human rights, all peoples and all societies and that children have their own. United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child.


A Norman Castle

am or pm

Take a castle walls tour as you learn more about the Normans and castle construction. Train to be a knight and handle replica armour and weaponry. Enjoy a banquet with real foods, jesters and dancing.

Castles WOW Day

Suggested all-day workshop plan:

  • Castle walls tour
  • Armour & weaponry handling
  • Knight training
  • Banquet
  • Shield making or battle re-enactment

Pre-visit ideas: Research into motte and bailey castles. Prepare questions for William the Conqueror tour.

Post visit ideas: Build a model of other areas of the castle based on images/drawings from the website.

National Curriculum links: History. A study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality.

Crime and Punishment

Victorian Prison Escape!

am or pm

Find out about the incredible escapes of the infamous Joseph Ralph as you learn more about Victorian prison life. Play the 'Prison Escape' treasure hunt game in the cells. Take a walk in the airing yard and visit the unique prison chapel

Crime & punishment through time

am or pm

Take a tour of the castle walls as you learn more about the history of crime & punishment at Lincoln Castle. Do the crime & punishment quiz and dress-up as a prisoner as you work.

Crime & Punishment WOW day

Suggested all-day workshop plan:

  • Prison Escape game
  • Castle walls Crime & Punishment tour
  • Prison tour and work room activity
  • Schoolroom work and chapel visit

Post visit ideas: Compare Victorian prison life to modern prisons today. From the description of Joseph Ralph, paint his portrait – this could be part of a 'Wanted' poster.

National Curriculum links: History: a local study: Crime & punishment study over time tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality (this can go beyond 1066) A study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality.

Activities and times are totally flexible to suit your needs. Please talk to a member of the Learning Team for more details 01522 555904, 555490, 552435 or email