Magna Carta Vault, guest case: Snail Water

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Saturday 12 March - Saturday 4 June

 Magna Carta Vault
Visit Lincoln Castle and see Lincoln’s Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest and a guest document
in the magnificent surroundings of the David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault.  

The guest case will be the host to some exciting items this year, tying into the Castle’s theme of stories, myths and legends. 

Guest Case: Snail Water
Saturday 12 March - June 2022

Making a guest appearance in the Castle’s Vault is one of our favourite items from our collections, a recipe for … snail water!  Written within a 17th Century home remedy book, this medical concoction was used to treat convulsions and fits and it contains some rather unusual ingredients!  Visit the Vault to find out more.

Tickets: The Vault can be accessed with a Castle day ticket or an annual pass