Spooky Prison

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Saturday 19 - Sunday 27 October

Spooky Prison

Step inside the Victorian Prison during half term and you will be sure to meet some unsavoury characters from Victorian England.

Discover our characters and find out more about them as they tell you their stories. Step into the world of the prison staff and find out what their jobs involved. Be prepared to ask plenty of questions to find out what role the prison surgeon, the cook and the washer woman played. How often did they work at the prison? Were they allowed to go home in-between their work days? Where did they sleep and what equipment did they have to use? Be sure to find the Victorian sewerage engineer and discover why he has been employed to work at the prison this week.

Based on the real jobs that were undertaken, discover the Victorian prison employees and listen to their stories as they describe their life working in the prison within the walls of Lincoln Castle. Find out what it was like to work in a prison in Victorian times, and find out whether the prisoners were any trouble when it came to carrying out their everyday duties! There's opportunity to find out what it would have been like for the staff that had to live within the prison, did they have to sleep in a cell? Were they allowed any freedom? Did it get a bit spooky at night time? Discover what it was like for those that lived outside the prison that came in to work? Who did they report to? Where did they take their breaks? Did they enjoy the work that they did? Where did they live and did the prison pay well? 

Make sure you explore the cells of the prison, imagine what life behind bars would have been like. Our Victorian Prison Group will be present through-out each day of the event and will give you an insight into how the prisoners were looked after and the regimes that they had to follow. There's even opportunity to dress up as a prisoner or member of prison staff, perhaps the Governor or the Matron? 

Do be prepared to hold your noses though! Some of our prison characters may have stories that are a bit spooky, but it is guaranteed that all of their stories will be a bit smelly! 

Event 10.30am – 4.30pm. 
Castle Attractions 10.00am – 5.00pm

Tickets: Castle day ticket, Spooky Prison ticket and free entry for Annual pass holders