Victorian Extravaganza

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Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 July

Join us as we celebrate the spectacular, the inventive and the extraordinary at Lincoln Castle's Victorian Extravaganza!

Be amazed by Mr Alexander and his Travelling Show, bringing a variety of balance, juggling and illusion. Take time to visit the Quack Doctor who promises to sell you a cure for all your ailments! See below for more information on this fun filled family friendly event!

Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Admission:  Castle Day ticket, Victorian Extravaganza Ticket and free for Annual Pass holders

Her Majesty Queen Victoria
The Queen is at the Castle, and we have put on a full programme of activity this weekend in her honour!  A celebration of all that has been achieved during Her Majesty's time on the throne and a festivity of music, performance and games as we welcome Queen Victoria to Lincoln.

A Play for the Queen
Queen Victoria is coming to Lincoln!  Constance Willoughby's theatrical troupe are here to celebrate the occasion. Monies have been raised, lines learnt, fine dresses purchased, all is in readiness.  They hope her Majesty is amused!

Mr Alexanders Travelling Show  
Be amazed by our Victorian Showman as he performs his one man show full of magic, balance  & illusion!

Mr 'Posh' Peter Cooper
Mr 'Posh' Peter Cooper is here to teach and to perform for you the particulars of slapstick comedy found at the Victorian music halls.

Museum of Curiosities
Take a moment to stop by the Museum of Curiosities … what oddities will you find?

The Victorian Consort
Join us at the bandstand and be astounded by our ensemble of expert musicians playing  Victorian brass music for Her Majesty the Queen.

Learn how our modern railway system was conceived and hear the tales of the Thames Tunnel from the famous engineer himself, Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Our Victorian photographer joins us this weekend demonstrating the art and advances of plate photography.

The Amazing Travelling Camera Obscura  
Be amazed as you look through our Victorian optical device!

Watch out for our Quack Doctor as he promises to find and to sell you a cure for all of your ailments!

Fun Fair
Children's carousel, Swing boats, High striker*, Coconut Shy, Ball in the Bucket & Hoopla

*Everything is free to play with the exception of the high striker which is 50p per turn