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Did you know? #1 

Eastgate cannons

As you approach Lincoln Castle from Castle Hill, you are met with a pair of ‘cannons’ which guard the Castles East Gate. Much loved by children and photographers they suggest a formidable form of defence for the Castle, but ‘Did You Know’ these cannons have nothing to do with the Castles’ history and were placed there as recently as 1982!






The Cannons are around 300 years old and are part of the series of artillery equipment designed by Lt General Albert Borgard in 1715/6. The range was cast between 1715 to 1724 and known as the “Borgard Cannons”. Originally, 400 working models were cast, of which perhaps only a dozen survive.

These two cannon are 9 feet (2.75 Metres) and fire 6lb (2.73 Kg) projectiles. If you look closely at these cannon, on the left hand side near where are fitted to their carriages, ‘sighting marks’ are evident. This is in addition to those on the top of the muzzle and indicates that they were originally cast Naval use so would never have been used at the Castle.

These two Cannon were donated to the ‘City and County Museum’ in 1915 by Mr J.D. Newbold. Although unmounted on their carriages, older readers may recall them laying outside the Museum on Greyfriars Pathway until 1980. Mr Newbold acquired them from the old Dawbers’ Brewery on Carholme Road, which was located next to an old military depot, set up in 1806 as an arsenal for the Napoleonic Wars.

Dawbers’ Brewery on Carholme Road about 1900
Photograph courtesy

In the early 1980s’ they were renovated by pupils at the Winfield Training School and placed on their current carriages before being sited in their current location in 1982.

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