Magna Carta



Visit Lincoln Castle and see Lincoln’s Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest and a guest document in the magnificent surroundings of the David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault.

The guest case will be the host to some exciting items this year, tying into the Castle’s theme of stories, myths and legends.

On 15 June 1215 it is said that King John and the barons met at Runnymede and agreed a charter of liberties that would change the course of history.

Magna Carta enshrined the principle that the king had to act within the rule of law and became one of the most celebrated documents in history with enduring worldwide influence.

In 1217 Magna Carta was re-issued with some of the original clauses incorporated into a second charter, Charter of the Forest.

It was at this point that the original charter assumed the name of Magna Carta, meaning Great Charter, to distinguish it from the second, smaller charter.

Lincoln Castle is now the only place in the world where an original 1215 Magna Carta and 1217 Charter of the Forest can be seen side by side, on permanent loan from Lincoln Cathedral.

See Lincoln’s Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest and a guest document in the magnificent surroundings of the David P J Ross Magna Carta vault.

Don’t miss the stunning Great Charter Wall and Barons’ Shields, a feast for the eyes.

Alongside the vault is an underground widescreen cinema with 210 degree wraparound screen and 3D sound.

Immerse yourself in the story of King John, the barons and the birth of the Great Charter.

  • Magna Carta: Challenging the Power of a King is a dramatic reconstruction of events leading up to the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215.
  • Magna Carta: Meaning and Myth is a fresh look at the significance of the charter down the ages. Appealing and accessible, the films are an ideal introduction to Magna Carta and are suitable for adults and children.

Today Magna Carta is regarded as an international icon of liberty and freedom. It is on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, which recognises important documentary heritage worldwide.

Magna Carta is a must see and you can explore its unique place in English and world history at Lincoln Castle.


"... this reaffirmation of a supreme law and its expression in a general charter is the great work of the Magna Carta; and this alone justifies the respect with which men have held it."

Sir Winston Churchill, 1956


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